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03/20/2010: "Lund, Sweden, Where 45% of Residents Cycle for Transport"
WAs just rummaging around the BBC website and found this BBC video brief on the town of Lund, Sweden, where 45% of the residents bicycle for transport, and another 15% use transit:

The City Where Bicycles Dominate

(Note: it is preceded by a commercial...BBC is television, after all.)

But, ah!, the incredible lameness of being mainstream media: the narrator feels compelled (and perhaps was compelled) to mention "subsidized transport" rather pointedly, as well as "a lot of" money spent on bicycle infrastructure--but of course he ignores the immense costs of providing vast swathes of asphalt for driving and parking cars...!

Still a positive report in spite of itself. It particularly stresses that the population as well as the politicians are solidly behind transit and cycling, and (somewhat vaguely) suggests Lund as a model for British towns of similar size. (Lund, which by the way was founded in the year 990CE, houses around 77,000 people.)

Particularly galling to us here in the US is the mention of Cambridge, a British town with "only" 27% of the population choosing to cycle...! We should be so lucky....

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