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01/21/2010: "Knickers Delayed...."
My apologies to all who have pre-ordered the True Black Classic Wool Knickers, but the factory has experienced a severe delay in production. In a way it's good news, as it's occurred because the subcontractors have been flooded with orders as the economy starts to rev back up.

Unfortunately, it means that we will not be able to deliver the knickers ordered up to today until around the 7th of February, or more than two weeks later than we had anticipated.

We have changed the delivery date on the order pages to the 20th of February, and all knickers ordered after yesterday will not be delivered until then. However, I have arranged (through begging, whining, and crying) to have the orders that have come in so far produced ahead of time, so that all of you kind folks who pre-ordered early will not be delayed a full month.

Please accept my profoundest apologies. I hope this will not disappoint anyone too severely.

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