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12/19/2009: "Too Much of a Good Thing...."
A couple of days ago I saw something both amusing and a little sad on my way home from a meeting downtown.

I was riding west on 4th Street (the same 4th Street many of us in Los Angeles hope will be the city's first real "bicycle boulevard"), when I saw a fellow riding along ahead of me pulling a trailer.

Nothing unusual in that; but when I caught up with him I saw that he was pulling the trailer with an Xtracycle!

I am always glad when someone shows that the need to haul lots of stuff is not an argument against practical cycling: better an Xtracycle and trailer rig than an SUV, after all.

But in a world where Americans' hyperactive acquisitiveness is responsible for so much environmental, social, and political degradation, perhaps a better primary message would be that bikes are practical because you don't really need so damn much stuff.

So I'm torn between admiration and a slight touch of despair....

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