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08/08/2009: "Sometimes a Rare Bicycle"
City Bike at Massimo's
Click image for larger version
Actually, we have no idea what this is--the headbadge is well corroded--but it belongs to Timo, one of the baristas at BF hangout Massimo's Mudspot. It bears a Favorit coaster brake, made-in-USA Carlisle tires (Carlisle started making bicycle tires shortly after World War I but stopped in 1987), and--truly antique technology--a spoon brake on the front tire!

So we will temporarily agree it may be a Favorit city bike from Czechoslovakia.

Timo found it leaning forlornly against a tree, abandoned, in Kansas City years ago, sold it once (for $25), bought it back, and today rode it to work as his other bike had a flat.

It was just too pathetically charming to pass up, Crappy Cellphone Camera and all.

Maybe we'll hook up with Timo sometime, take the real camera, and do a photo essay on it.

I find these bikes visually attractive...though to tell the truth I've strongly disliked actually riding them. Still, for short runs it would be fun!

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