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06/03/2009: "Singing in the Rain...."
To the rest of the northern hemisphere, a bit of rain is no big deal, but in Los Angeles, in June, it is a rare delight.

I had to ride to the Westside today on an errand, and on the way back the low, smooth gray sky began dropping a sparse rain--big but widely spaced drops that tasted sweet but didn't really wet me...evaporating as I rode.

This is one of my favorite riding weathers, cool enough for perfect comfort but not wet enough to require the rain cape. Once in a while a soft flicker brightened the clouds, and a mutter of thunder followed, but the rain only barely wet the streets. LA smelled good for a change, and the even light brought out all the details of leaf and wall, near and far.

I had a number of stops to make, and a lot of ground to cover, and I enjoyed every mile of what could have been a routine morning, as none of my destinations was new to me today.

The fenders kept the road crud off me, and my James Black Hat kept my head cozy and my glasses (mostly) dry. I may not actually have been singing in the rain, but I was certainly humming a happy tune or two. It was a most enjoyable outing, all in all.

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