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05/31/2009: "Shopping Run"
The Milk Runner at the Hollywood Farmers Market
Click on the picture for a bigger version
When I got back from riding to the westside on (yet another) tedious chore, Gina was all ready to pedal out on the weekly grocery run. Normally this takes her to Larchmont Boulevard, where there's a particularly nice farmers' market. Since I had gotten back earlier than usual from my Sunday ride (since it was a utility ride instead of my usual long ramble), she asked me to come along. She didn't need to ask twice! I turned right around, and we headed to Larchmont as usual for a snack before shopping.

Then she suggested we shop at the Hollywood farmers' market instead. (To make matters more confusing, there is also a nearby permanent capital-letters Farmers Market on Fairfax, which has been around for ages and which is one of my favorite hangouts in LA.) She'd been on the bike all day yesterday, chasing down her own chores, so I was surprised but pleased. Off we went to edge through the dense crowds at the Hollywood market and pick up a pretty good variety of good stuff.

The photo is of Gina's Nishiki mixte, the "Milk Runner," waiting her to get back from one last round while I loafed in a café chair I'd appropriated. (I was carrying most of the stuff in my ancient no-brand messenger bag.) She showed up anon, and we headed home.

On the trip home we stopped at a Trader Joe's for olive oil, tortillas, salsa, and a couple of other ingredients she remembered she needed for tonight's dinner, and then headed home once again.

And on the way Gina realized she really did have a hankerin' for those oysters she hadn't gotten at the Hollywood market, so we detoured to the aforementioned capital-letters Farmers Market on Fairfax, where there's a fishmonger she trusts. (Me, I'm one a them vegetarians, but Gina eats purt near anything....)

Then we headed home yet again...

...And we made it this time! (Possibly because there are almost no stores between the Farmers Market and home....)

We got everything we wanted, and had a wonderful lazy ride to boot.

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