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04/23/2009: "The Town & Country Shorts Are Here"
It took us a while, but the Town & Country Shorts are finally here. The cloth we'd chosen for them--much tougher than our previous hemp cloths, yet still smooth and elegant--is made in fairly limited quantities, but we finally got some.

It's a twill-weave blend of hemp and thread made from recycled polyester water bottles, and seems to have a lo-o-o-ng wear life. We've been riding the sample for about a year, and you know we ride a lot!

The short is great for any sort of warm-weather riding, with or without padded shorts underneath. (Like all of our pants, they have room for padded shorts if you want them.) Four standard pockets plus a mini flap-top pocket high on the right thigh for cellphone, powerbar, tool, knife, whatever. Cut higher in the back with an elastic insert there to accommodate even an aggressive riding posture if that's how you roll. And great looking on or off the bike, of course!

And, to make life even better, you can throw them in the washer and dryer with your normal load--once you can convince yourself to take them off, that is!

Check 'em out!

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