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04/04/2009: "Flying Pigeons Land in Los Angeles"
There are many more bicycles than cars in the world, and among bicycles the most popular brand is one you've probably never heard of: China's famous--or perhaps infamous--Flying Pigeon. This may be the most prevalent single vehicle model on this planet. It's cheap, it's primitive, it's sturdy, and it's usually black--but it gets more of the world's commuters around than any other mode of transport outside--perhaps--walking.

Now Los Angeles bicycle advocate Josef Bray-Ali, founder of the Bike Oven, has teamed with his brother Adam to become the importer of the Flying Pigeon, which they sell online and through their brick-and-mortar shop at 3714 N. Figueroa St. in Highland Park, just two doors away from the Oven itself.

They had a Grand Re-Opening Party today, and we were there to take a few snapshots for the blog:

A phalanx (or should that be a flock?) of Flying Pigeons

Friends and family, neighbors and strangers

Yes, they're not all black

All-around great guy, Josef Bray-Ali

Working on a neighborhood bike

Josef (who himself counts a bakfiets, or Dutch heavy-duty cargo bike, among his rides) sees the Flying Pigeon, at less than $300.00 complete with dynamo lighting, fenders, full chaincase, rack, and basket, as an affordable alternative to cars for local travel and shopping.

For the less-straitened among us, he will eventually offer the real Dutch deal, Batavus commuter and cargo bikes--but at five times the price, they will never supplant the Flying Pigeon in the local economy.

Truly a bike for the times! See it online, or drop by and see Josef at the store if you live in Los Angeles:
Flying Pigeon LA
3714 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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