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10/25/2008: "Evolution Continues"
milkrunner1008_08 (181k image)
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Here's a photograph of Gina's 650B mixte conversion project, the Milk Runner, in his latest incarnation, and looking very handsome sporting a pair of Belleri porteur handlebars and a Carradice "Barley" saddlebag. We're waiting to obtain a shorter stem (around 70mm ought to do the trick) before taping the bars. Also, there's a chainguard on the way as soon as I can remember to pick up a cutting wheel for the drill motor, as the Raleigh Sport chaninguard I have is about two inches too long, not being made for a mixte with the extra frame members at the unusual angle.

This is what we call a "Three-Mile Bike," one not meant for long rides but for shopping, dining, and visiting in the general neighborhood. Single-speed, fairly low gearing for now, platform pedals, skirt-friendly Brooks Flyer "S" saddle, those nice Velo-Orange "Zeppelin" fenders...a relaxed bike. We might try a basket on it too.

Tonight it's carrying Gina on our weekly date: just a couple of miles, to a quiet Thai restaurant we like.

See more photos of the Milk Runner on our Flickr site.

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