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10/19/2008: "Last of the Hemp City Knickers v1.0"
As you may know, the Hemp City Knickers will be getting a makeover when we order in some more next month, so we are clearing out the last of the original design.

The new design will have belt loops, probably fit a wee bit snugger, and will most likely not be made out of hemp, at least not this time around.

If you want a pair of the originals, and you are a size 38 or a slimmish 40, this is your last chance, as we have only a few left. Since we do have to clear them out, we've reduced the price one last time to $90.00--a genuine deal for a garment of this style and quality. (Note that the olive color will no longer be available at all.)

Take one last look: Hemp City Knickers v1.0.

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