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10/15/2008: "Bike Luck in La-La Land: Orange 20's New Bigger Digs"
One of our favorite local bike shops, Orange 20, has finally moved out of the charming but impossibly cramped little shed they occupied for over a year, and moved two doors down the block to a former furniture store, which seems so capacious by comparison that it's like stepping from a closet to a ballroom.

Now they have room to display all their bikes, parts, accessories, and clothing, and repair more than one bike at a time! I also noted a stage at the front of the shop (where I stood to take my patented Crappy Cellphone Picture), so, if we're lucky, there may be concerts or other community activities.

If you're in LA, check it out. It's a happy sign for local bike culture, indeed! And still next door to Pure Luck, and across from the Bicycle Kitchen and Scoops, at the corner of Heliotrope & Melrose, AKA the Bicycle District.

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