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10/11/2008: "Elegant Austerity...."
Just a reminder, folks, that just because the stock market's down, it doesn't mean you gotta dress down: we have lower-priced versions of our two flagship products online right now, at recession-friendly prices: our LSD knickers, a rayon version of our Classic Wool Knickers, is still earth-friendly (rayon is made of wood), still great-looking (with a silk-like finish), and still only $95.00 a pair.

And if you can live without merino wool (we admit we can't), you can buy the hemp & organic cotton version of our Four Season Jersey for $115.00, a full sixty dollars less than the merino hoodies.

Remember that these are recession-proof: unlike overvalued stocks and overpriced real estate, these will retain their value for as long as you own them!

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