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10/04/2008: ""Saturday Transit" in Amsterdam"
Here's a charming, simple, and most pleasurable little video assemblage of Saturday morning bicycle traffic in Amsterdam. Particularly noticeable to your editor here, besides the sheer number of bicycles and the delightful way they suffuse an atmosphere of carefree efficiency into the streets, is how intrusive and noisy the occasional car or motorbike seems in the context of a quiet form of transportation,the nearly total domination of racked and fendered citybikes, and the fact (which takes on an added dimension after the recent complaints in Seattle) that these Amsterdammers, casual though constant cyclists all, have no trouble whatsoever negotiating tram tracks in the street--something that apparently demands too much skill of US riders.

No helmets, no Lycra, no logos, no carbon, just sturdy bikes and happy riders, taking care of business and pleasure in one of the wealthier cities on Earth.

See lots more, including the still photo version of this film, at the Amsterdamize website.

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