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10/03/2008: "Raleigh Roadster, Odd Rack"
raleigh_odd_rack (84k image)Yes, another crappy cellphone picture! But I had to take it, not having seen this bike in the neighborhood before, and the cell being the only (if-you-can-call-it-a) camera I had handy.

An old Raleigh roadster, a real classic, with one of the odder rear racks I've ever seen: a sturdily-built platform rack with a couple of folding metal fences to help hold your load.

I've no idea whether this is original to Raleigh, some old Brit design, or something the rider made or had made. It's sort of like a Pletscher on steroids.... I've heard of Dutch racks that were something like this, so maybe the bike is a cross-channel hybrid.

Anyway, looks like it's ridden, and looks like it carries loads--there are extra bungee cords you may be able to see in the muddle of cellphone pixelage--and it's a handsome if somewhat worn machine.

A sign of intelligent life in the universe, or so I say to myself whenever I see a bike in practical use.

Note: Two readers (Bill Connell and David Pertuz) have written in to opine that it seems to be an old-school child seat! Looks like a handy cargo rack as well, to me.)

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