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07/29/2008: "The Ownership Society...."
Ah, life as a big (ha-ha) manufacturer...yesterday as I'm pedaling home from doing Mom's shopping, the cell phone rings.

Because of the blistering volume of LA traffic noise, my cell phone's ringer is set REALLY LOUD, but of course I was cruising through a leafy, almost deserted neighborhood of ivy-clad mansions, so I damn near fell off the bike when it rang.

It was the downtown contract factory that makes our Bicycle Fixation knickers, hats, and so forth, calling to say that they couldn't find the zippers for the Secret Jersey!

Now, the Secret Jersey is my big hope for a semi-solvent year, so this was distressing news to hear while straddling my Bottecchia under a tree in front of a house that costs more than I've ever earned in my life, or am likely to. True, I "own" Bicycle Fixation, but given how undercapitalized we are, what I really own are debts....

Back and forth I went with Lanana, the workshop owner, trying to remember where either she or I had put the bag of zippers....

Would the zippers ever be found? Would the Secret Jersey come out in mid-August as planned? Will Rick ever pay off his credit card?

Well, I won't keep you hanging--while we spoke, the zippers appeared as if by magic in Lanana's hand, and I could continue on my way...dreading yet another squawk of the cell phone, bringing news of yet another difficulty.

Fortunately, the damn thing has remained smugly silent. I can relax a bit...if I can remember how to.

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