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06/09/2008: "Slight Price Increase"
Sorry, folks, but our prices have crept up another little bit this month. The dollar is dropping, and our costs have gone up. Even though we don't use gasoline directly ourselves, of course our contractors do, and so our labor costs here in Los Angeles have increased. It's only fair; we've all gotta live.

We're still charging below garment industry standards for this class of clothing--less than you'll pay for anything else remotely comparable in or out of bicycling--but a price increase hurts us all, and we apologize.

We're proud to offer the best product in class, and are solidly committed to providing the finest customer service you're likely to find from any company online or off. We'll hold prices to the current level for the rest of year, and longer, if it's at all possible.

Thanks for sticking with us. And keep riding: it's one of the things that can best help get us out of this mess.

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