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04/28/2008: "New Carfree Group on Facebook"
If you're a Facebook sort of guy or gal, there's a new group there dedicated to car-free and car-lite quote:
This is a group for all those that consciously make decisions in their life, whether large or small, to reduce their use of the private automobile.

This is for all those who are sick of being trapped in sprawling suburbs with underfunded and inadequate public transportation systems.

This is for those who are tired with cars and all their associated costs including registration, insurance, gas(petrol), services, parking, tickets and the actual car, just so they can function in society.

This is for those who are sick of sitting in traffic, period!

This is for those who would like a more healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

This is for those who like to reverse the social, economic and environmental damage caused by a car dominated culture.
If you're reading this post, you're pretty likely to be interested in this group, so click on over to Car-Free by Choice! on Facebook and join in!

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