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03/09/2008: "Sidestepping the Apocalypse"
smbikevalet (101k image)Forgive the crappy cellphone camera picture, but I had typically left my decent pocket camera at home. Nevertheless, I didn't want to pass up this delightful image of the free, city-provided valet bicycle parking at the Santa Monica Sunday morning farmer's market.

It's not just that it's there at all, but that it stretches for half a city block--and it was full!

For that matter, I had a hard time finding a parking meter to lock my own bike to, even across the street.

Most of the bikes were cruiser-type shopping bikes used by local folk--mostly middle-class, boutique-and-bistro types--to get around, along with a few fixies (some of them also with basket) and a couple of road bikes. In other words, mostly bikes used as bikes, not as lifestyle accessories...a sign that we might sidestep the apocalypse after all!

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