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02/28/2008: "James Black Hat Irregulars Available"
We had a large number of irregulars from the last batch of James Black 3-Way Hats. I finally got around to sorting them out and putting them on the website.

The flaw consists generally of a crooked seam at the very front of the hat; if that won't bother you, you can get a fine, versatile hat for only $18.50 (plus shipping, of course).

There is also a small number of hats sized Small but marked medium, which I have personally corrected with a permanent marker pen; these are also on sale.

Go to the irregular hats page if you want one.

The selling price for a regular James Black Hat is $29.00, so these are a very good deal. And when they're gone, there will be no more. (At least, I hope there will be no more!)

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