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01/23/2008: "My Turn"
My turn to get hit by a car, that is, though I was only sideswiped from behind by a moron in a dark green Toyota.

I first noticed it when the side of the car pressed against me, followed by the mirror whacking my arm. Following the old road racer's dictum, I leaned into the car as it passed to avoid being flung into the parked cars at the curb, then pulled away once I'd established better control over the bike.

The asshole made gestural excuses through the tightly closed window when I caught up to her at the next light, then looked indignant when I suggested that she could at least apologize. I remonstrated with her in two languages (gotta cover all the bases), then took down her license number in case of unnoticed or unfelt damage.

So far nothing but a few minor aches. Will check for bruises later, as I have had work to take care of almost continuously since then--was on the way from a meeting with Chuck Schmidt to a meeting with my sewing factory boss to a buying session at the wool merchant's (where I ran into colleagues & competitors Swrve), and then home to take care of finances.

Anyway, only one unpleasant adventure in an otherwise pretty, rainy day & about forty miles on bike.

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