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12/03/2007: "Knicker Socks Are Here!"
We've finally gotten in our long-awaited Knicker Socks!

We had searched and we had searched, and we couldn't find satisfactory socks to wear with our Classic Wool or Hemp City knickers, so we had some made to our own specifications. These comfortable, durable wool-blend socks come over the knee to assure complete coverage for cold weather or fussy relatives; we also wear them in summer to keep the whole lower leg safe from sunburn. You can even (if you're under six feet tall) use them as knee-warmers with racing tights. Or fold the top of the cuff down to make them kilt socks!

Dark Charcoal available in S/M and L/XL; Olive in S/M only. S/M fits US men's sizes 5 to 9; L/XL fits 9 to 13. They will actually go a little larger comfortably.

See them here: Bicycle Fixation Knicker Socks.

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