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09/24/2007: "All Sizes of Classic Wool Knickers Now in Stock"
Hear ye, hear ye, we have received a small fill-in order of Classic Wool Knickers from our factory, and all current sizes (30, 32, 34, 36, 38, & 40), are now in stock and shipping promptly. If you've been waiting to order, wait no more; this is your best window of opportunity. The supply will diminsih quickly, and we will nto be making more for at least a month.

If you're up in Portland, Clever Cycles has placed their own fill-in order which we will be shipping tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 25th), so ride on over this weekend and get yourself a pair!

Hollywoodians, don't forget Orange 20 over by LACC, and those of you downunder can usually find a pair at Chainring Transit Authority and save a bit on shipping.

And whatever you wear, keep on riding!

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