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09/13/2007: "Car-Free Day: an Opinion from Montana"
Reasoned voices are hard to find anywhere on this poor, sweating planet these days, but here's a surprising and clever article promoting World Car-Free Day (September 22nd, from Helena, Montana, of all places. To quote:
The United States, with one car per driving-age citizen, releases more carbon dioxide into our planetís atmosphere than any other nation. I was raised to take personal responsibility for any damage that my actions cause. When I sent a baseball through my neighborís window, I knocked on the door, apologized for what I did, and then raided my piggy bank for the money to fix it. I didnít care if 100 other kids sent baseballs through windows and then ran and hid. I bet that you were also raised to stand up and do the right thing. Well, through no evil intentions (we were just playing ball), we have been breaking the Earth. We had no idea. But now we know, so what are we going to do?
Read all of Jonathan Matthews's article in the Helena Independent Record.

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