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12/03/2006: "The Knickers Are Finally on Sale"
All right, folks, I've been blithering and blathering about them for weeks now, and here they are...the Bicycle Fixation Classic Wool Knickers!

Well, not literally here, as production doesn't actually start for a day or two, but they are available for purchase, and we have nice new pictures of the actual final version up on the purchase page now.

So if you're a transportational bicyclist, and want something to wear that doesn't make you look like a nylon sausage, a slob, or a rolling billboard, click on the link below and do your part to bring elegance back to bicycling:

Bicycle Fixation's Classic Wool Knickers

Coming next year, if all goes well: knicker socks, hemp knickers, and our own dressy wool jersey.

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