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11/04/2006: "Knicker Knews Knumber 10"
Another trip downtown last night...we're getting closer, folks! Arrived early to bop around the cluttered confines of Wall and San Julian streets in search of pocket lining. Hadn't expected to be shopping, so I didn't take the Kryptonite with me; there I was, being ever so careful not to lean my driveside on the bolts of bright cloth overflowing onto the sidewalk in front of every store that didn't have the stuff I needed in the color I needed. Finally, one grouchy old Persian fellow led me down the street to what was probably his nephew's shop, where I found what I needed.

Then off to Broadway and Ninth to drop off the cloth and pick up the fit samples, which are looking beautiful--the charcoal is elegant, the black sleek; I'll be torturing them this weekend, then sending them to a cheap dry cleaner to check for shrinkage. The charcoal pair behaves perfectly on a wild ride home through the thickest rush-hour traffic I've seen in a long time--downtown streets are narrow, and SUVs are bigger than ever; hardly anyone was moving except for me and the other bicyclists I saw.

There are some minor details to correct, so I won't put pictures of these up yet. The next photos will be of the final versions. Stay tuned!

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