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The Knickers Are Coming!
Knicker Knews Updates
Update No. 1: 09/16/2006
Update No. 2: 09/17/2006
Update No. 3: 09/26/2006
Update No. 4: 09/30/2006
Update No. 5: 10/08/2006
Update No. 6: 10/15/2006
Update No. 7: 10/18/2006
Update No. 8: 10/26/2006
Update No. 9: 10/31/2006
Update No. 10: 10/31/2006
Update No. 10.5.1: 11/10/2006
Update No. 11: 11/10/2006
Update No. 12: 11/20/2006
Los Angeles, 7 September 2006; updated 15 October 2006--See our new pictures of version 2! Maybe you've heard, and maybe you haven't, but your editor here at Bicycle Fixation has decided to design a pair of Classic Wool Riding Knickers for all of you who are getting tired of both spandex sausage-skin tights or grungy cut-off jeans or slacks being your only choice! So, being fans of the most classic bike of all, the fixed-gear, we looked back to all the classic ages of bicycling for inspiration. What you see here is the first prototype of our modernized wool knickers, for those who want to ride both comfortably and elegantly.

We have now finished testing the 2nd version of the knickers, and they work wonderfully--comfortable on or off the bike in both hot and cool weather, good looking, and durable. Guys keep asking where they can get theirs, and women think they're "just so cute!"

We've improved the pocket, loosened the leg a bit, lengthened the cuff vent and added a gusset for both warmth and elegance. We're still using cheap test wool, not the gabardine from which we'll make the production versions, and they're still great pants.

Check out the new pictures--and compare the new version with the original, the pix of which we've kept in tne slideshow.

As always, feel free to send comments.

Photos by Gina Morey.

The Revised Knickers!

Old Version Below

The knickers are coming!