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Wednesday, September 30th
Offsite Blogging CCXXXIX
It's a week to promote the New Urbanism Film Festival, and so I do today….

At Orange 20's blog I focus on making sure thaat LA's neighborhood activists and videographers know that The Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge Wants You!

While in NUFF Said…, I remind the good folks of Northeast Los Angeles that, despite the struggle they face, there's a world of successes out there to inspire them, and that they can learn about them at the Festival.

Richard Risemberg on Wed, 30 Sep 2015 20:24:17 -0800 [link]  

Thursday, September 24th
Offsite Blogging CCXXXVIII
Orange 20's Blog this week treats you to a Park(ing) Day Recap—and if you don't know what Park(ing) Day" is, the article will enlighten you.

Meanwhile, Flying Pigeon LA mulls over the various Impossibilities that local NIMBYs ascribe to street safety projects—especially if they help bicyclists.

Richard Risemberg on Thu, 24 Sep 2015 02:13:14 -0800 [link]  

Wednesday, September 16th
Offsite Blogging CCXXXVII
This week's Orange 20 post notes that Next-Generation Bikeshare Is Ready to Go in Santa Monica.

And at Flying Pigeon LA, we comment on a neighborhood meeting in Silver Lake, where desperate car addicts Looking for a Fix blame a local road diet for congestion that has existed far longer than the striping changes.

Richard Risemberg on Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:40:36 -0800 [link]  

Thursday, September 10th
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Richard Risemberg on Thu, 10 Sep 2015 00:24:41 -0800 [link]  

Wednesday, September 9th
Offsite Blogging CCXXXVI
On Orange 20's blog, I look at how a simple fence can unmake one of the most delightful, if "unofficial," public squares in LA: read "Unmaking a Place"—and hope that when I hear from the council office later today (or so they promised), they have good news.

Bad news in "Riptide Warning" on Flying Pigeon LA's blog: the NIMBY's are gunning for the Rowena Avenue road diet, and we need to show up in force to ward them off….

Richard Risemberg on Wed, 09 Sep 2015 21:35:25 -0800 [link]  

Wednesday, September 2nd
Offsite Blogging CCXXXV
On Orange 20's blog this week, we ponder, with a certain degree of horror, the concept of A Frank Gehry River for LA. The concept he's developing is being kept secret—perhaps to prevent mass protests….

Meanwhile, at Flying Pigeon LA we explore the idea that The Turning Tide of sentiment in the city's Council District 1 may wash rogue council member "Roadkill Gil" Cedillo out of office after just one heavy-handed term….

Richard Risemberg on Wed, 02 Sep 2015 23:05:48 -0800 [link]  

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