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11/18/2015: "Bicycle Fixation Made-in-LA Merino Clothing Sale"
Even California's getting colder now, so it's the perfect time to take advantage of Bicycle FIxation's inventory clearance and pick up out versatile 100% merino t-shirts and jerseys at barely above our cost.

With the Recession having hollowed out the economy, the apparel industry has been hit hard, and even American Apparel is in imminent danger of bankruptcy. They're the 800-pound gorilla of the industry, while we're one of those cute little marmosets, but even we need our daily banana, so we've got our two priciest items on deep discount till the backlog is cleared out.

Our New Urban Jersey is, along withall our products, designed to be comfortable and good looking on or off the bike. A spin-off from our famous Four Season Jersey, but with a mandarin collar replacing the hood/balaclava, it features two pockets but looks in no way technical or team-kit like. Wear it anywhere a a mid or outer layer or even next to the skin--the merino rib knit is one of the most comfortable fabrics we've encountered. Made in downtown Los Angeles. See it at:
New Urban Jersey

Our Merino V-Neck T-Shirt is alos 100% merino. sourced by us directly from the mill in New Zealand, and made in downtown Los Angeles. It's a middle-weight jersey weave, usable as a base or mid-layer and handsome enough to use on its own in warmer weather. Cut for full coverage while cycling, even on sporty bikes. Fits any body shape. See it (with my son modeling) at:
Merino V-Neck T-shirt

See our full line of made-in-USA products, including hats and socks, at:
Bicycle Fixation's shopping Cart

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