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12/02/2014: "A Small and Private Irony"
Yesterday, I was riding, as is usual for me on Monday mornings, to a farmers' market in a park in West Hollywood. I was wearing, again as is usual for me, black wool head to toe. I did have my lamps illuminated, as it was an overcast day.

My route follows residential streets entirely. As I approached the market, an old man standing by the side of a parked car stared at me, then whipped a yellow high-viz vest out of his pocket, waved it like a little flag, and shouted, "Wear one of these!"

I didn't answer him audibly at all, but I did feel an almost comical sense of irony.

As it happens, the one time so far that I have actually been hit by a car while riding a bicycle was on a similar day—when I was wearing a bright yellow wind shell.

And after all, the old fellow had seen me with no problem.

I do wear high-viz when it's raining, but otherwise I just wear whatever I'm wearing. You know, regular clothes.

And I don't trust any driver within view to do the right thing. Not other cyclists, for that matter. I've nearly been hit twice in recent weeks by fellow velocipedalists….

Stay vigilant. That's the first rule when you're on the streets.

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