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09/02/2014: "Clearance Sale: City Slicker Knickers!"
We're having a SALE on Bicycle Fixation City Slicker Knickers!

We received a large number of seconds on this design, and are selling them off now for cashflow at a few dollars over our cost. The 34s listed below have a longer rise than intended, and a correspondinlgy higher waist, so the fit is very old-school. (The 32s are normal, but we're discounting them as well.) The legs will also be a bit roomier than we had specified in the pattern. Labels may be incorrect as well.

No factory, even an American one, is immune to error. Everything else on these knickers is up to spec. Normally these sell for $135.00; you can now buy them for only $75.00 while they last. Scroll down for more details. No returns at this price!

Go to: The City Slicker Knicker Clearance Sale!

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