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08/13/2014: ""Our Own Day Here": Observations on Community"
Our Own Day Here coverBicycle Fixation editor Richard Risemberg has just released an e-book of selected essays on community and place. Through the medium of Los Angeles, he explores how the way we travel, live, and shop shape our lives and our souls, and reveals the richness of experience he finds in city living.

Among the subjects covered in these sometimes poetic, sometime humorous essays are cars, transit and bicycling, economics and politics, development, as well as the sense of place and the places that make it happen.

Many of these were published over the last fourteen years in Sustainable City News, Bicycle Fixation, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Asia Times, Eclectica, and Out Your Backdoor, but others have never before been seen in the wild.

Our Own Day Here is available for Kindle at Amazon.

And in Apple's iTunes store.

And in nearly all known e-reader formats at Smashwords.

It will cost you $4.99, just a little over the price of a fancy latte at your corner coffeehouse. And if you buy it at Smashwords, you may enjoy a 10% discount using the following coupon code: BU84L (This code expires at the end of August.)

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