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12/12/2013: "Rush Hour Rush"
I wasn't even on the bike this morning, just walking to the credit union to deposit an all-too-rare check, but it was a velocipedal half-hour anyway. Wilshire Boulevard was hosting a goodly number of people riding bikes to work (to judge from their attire and luggage), and even though a bare majority of them were riding the broad sidewalks, it was a pleasure to see. (Sidewalk riding is legal in the City of Los Angeles, by the way, as long as one is polite and doesn't go too fast.)

Almost equal numbers of men and women, too, and the bike racks starting to fill up, both along the curbs where the city racks are, and in the private parking areas.

Considering how daunting the traffic is along Wilshire, one of the busiest commute corridors in the nation, and one afflicted by hordes of arrogant LA drivers, it's certainly cause for optimism. The morning had started quite chilly, too, though ti was warming up by 8:30.

My eyeball count of cyclists along the Miracle Mile "has shown continued growth over the past two years," and more rigorously-derived numbers support my personal impression.

LA is slowly growing up and getting out of the motorized baby carriage….

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