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11/05/2013: "Bike Parking Done Right!"
In Portland, Oregon, of course, where the city just installed its one-hundredth bike corral just nine years after initiating the program. Here's an inspiring and amusing short video showing what could happen in your own city if the powers-that-be could get out from behind their blinding clichés:

Bicycling supports local business, nurtures community values, and improves public health. Plus, instead of incurring a net tax loss, as cars do, it results in a positive ROI on public money invested in the simple infrastructure that is all it needs.

Portland's entire bike network—lanes, parking, paths, and all, installed over a space of twenty years—cost less than one mile of urban freeway.

Good as its street parking is for bicycles, Portland is still working on expanding bike parking in commercial, residential, and public buildings.

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