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10/22/2013: "Two in Two Days"
This is getting a bit wearisome: today was the second time in two days that I was almost hit by a scofflaw driver. Since I have almost no close calls, it's particularly disquieting. Made worse by my sense that I was partly at fault—if only for trusting people too much.

That's something you'd better not get into the habit of doing on the streets of LA.

Yesterday I was crossing a major intersection with a green light, though the "Don't walk" sign was flashing at the crosswalk. As I approached the intersection I saw a red car approaching in the opposing left turn lane, and I said to myself, That SOB looks like he might not stop for me. I rang my bell to get his attention, and kept on going.

So did he. Even when he appeared to be looking right at me. Eventually I decided it was time to take evasive action, which I did, though he did come within five feet of me as he swung through the turn. It was close enough that a woman in a car waiting at the cross street screamed.

Then today I was in the harbor area of Long Beach, when I went through an intersection and turned to go left—making the supposedly-safer box turn. There was a road crew working on the street I had just crossed, which may have blocked sight lines somewhat. As I reached the far corner, the light turned green in the direction I wanted to go in. I waited a second—I was stopped anyway—and pedaled on.

Only to find a black car approaching on my left, running—albeit slowly—the red light. I was moving too slowly myself to dodge, but the driver was more on the ball than Red Car Guy, and he stopped.

It would have been at least a broken leg if he hadn't.

I think I need to refurbish my mistruster. Two in two days is three too many.

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