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10/04/2013: "Back in Portland"
We're back in Portland, the first time since 2010 for me, when I wrote up my impressions of the city.

As before, we are walking and pedaling all over the city. This time I've gone farther afield, taking pictures of a Portland no one celebrates, but which is a vital and very different city from the one that's always in the news.

I will write an article and post it with photos after we get back, but for now I'll leave you with a taste of what Portland is famous for: an accommodation of bicyclists that has been of immeasurable benefit to the city's street life and retail prosperity: a photo of the bike corral in front of the Ace Hotel, around the corner from where we are staying:

Bike corral in downtown Portland

The city has nearly a hundred bike corrals in place so far, and there's a waiting list for merchants who desperately want one in front of their own establishments.

If you want to see a few other photos, go to my Flickr set. I'll be adding photos irregularly over the next couple of days.

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