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07/29/2013: "Modest Pleasure"
I enjoyed the modest pleasure of seeing tow cars pulled over by two bicycle cops today at the Corner of Beverly Boulevard and The Grove Drive. It wasn't even rush, but the traffic was heavy, and of course the motorists were very much in each others' way.

It's always that way. I've been shouted at that I was "not a car" and so didn't belong on the road—while I pedaled by a long row of cars on the way home from work while the shouter's real roadblock was, of course, other cars.

It's impossible to build enough road space to accommodate cars as transport. It just doesn't work.

Even if you razed the entire city—leaving no place to drive to—I suspect compulsive motorheads would just fill up the asphalt plain horizon to horizon—and complain just the same.

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