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07/05/2013: "New Product: the "Slim Cap""
We have a new product online this week: an update of the classic cycling cap that we call the "Slim Cap." Sleek and close-fitting, with a carefully-refined brim, it is made of the same 100% gabardine as our famous knickers, and is available in three classic colors for now: charcoal, dark olive, or olive-brown heather.

Foldable, washable, breathable, and handsome, it fits perfectly under a helmet, or stays on no matter how brisk the breeze if you wear it on its own. And it tucks gracefully into pocket, purse, or pannier when you're at the bar or bistro, yet unfolds wrinkle-free as soon as you saddle up!

One size only, which fits Small, Medium, or Medium-large heads; sizing details on the product page:

The Bicycle Fixation Slim Cap

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