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05/25/2013: "Staycation"
We just took a little "staycation," riding our bikes twelve miles to Playa del Rey and checking into a bed-and-breakfast right next to the Ballona Wetlands for a couple of nights—and just around the corner, as it were, from the bicycle bridge crossing Ballona Creek, which I visit more or less weekly, year in and year out.

And we took the Brompton folding bikes, even though we were riding the whole way—no trains or bus or any other conveyance to stow them into.


The picture says it all:

Making room at the inn

Even a fairly large hotel room is still fairly small, if one is to be realistic about it. Since the Inn at Playa del Rey, where we stayed, didn't have secure bike parking, we'd be keeping the bikes in our room, as we always have done when traveling. The Bromptons when fully folded took up almost no room at all, and were never in the way.

And they still rode well enough for our jaunt down the coast through all the south county's beach cities.

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