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05/12/2013: "Bit by Bit Redux..."
Museum Square Bike Parking

Even here on Wilshire Boulevard, a Los Angeles commercial road that is more daunting than most to bicyclists, the racks are well-used and you see cyclists everywhere. It's true, at least half of them are riding the sidewalks; Wilshire's lanes are narrow and the traffic heavy and often aggressive, but we are here.

The racks in the photo are a couple of blocks from my apartment, and are among the eighteen or so that I requested (at various times) form the LADOT. It took folks a while to find them, but now they are regularly packed with bikes. I can only imagine what it will be like when (or, I sometimes fear, if) the city puts in the combined rush hour bus/bike that have not only been long promised, but have been approved by the city council.

Meanwhile, the number of cyclists grows day by day. On Sixth street a block north, on the delightful Fourth Street connecting us to Koreatown, and even mixing it up with the mad traffic (or the pedestrian crowds) of Wilshire's Miracle Mile itself.

And next month, CicLAvia will be coming down Wilshire from downtown—ending right here in the Mile!

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