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04/20/2013: "CicLAvia to the Sea"
Tomorrow, April 21st, We will enjoy CicLAvia once again, Los Angeles's version of the ciclovías pioneered in Bogotá forty years ago, and spreading throughout the world. A lucky street is cleared of cars, their noise, smell, frenzied hurry, and danger, and opened up to unarmored human beings moving gently on their own power. Mostly cyclists, but also walkers, skaters, wheelchair users, dog walkers, wheelchair users, old and young, every race, every shape, together in happiness on LA's normally oppressive streets.

Tomorrow's route is ambitious, and will take participants form Downtown to Venice Beach via Venice Boulevard, an old bike route from the 1970s. Some will go the whole way; most will visit just a part of it; all will find joy in our beautiful weather and even more beautiful people—with none of it obscured by metal and glass.

To whet your appetite, here are links to photos I've taken of previous CicLAvias:

October 2012
April 2012
October 2011
April 2011
October 2010
See you there!

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