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03/07/2013: "Three Feet Please in California"
Bicycle Fixation has just posted a petition to California's Governor Jerry Brow asking that he support the next safe passing law sent to his desk—he has vetoed the last two.

If you live in California, please sign this petition!

You'll find it at Three Feet Please!

Dear Gov. Brown: With the failing struggle to maintain sprawl draining our municipalities' budgets, we must do everything we can to promote bicycling for local travel, which will reduce wear and tear on infrastructure and alleviate road and parking congestion. Yet careless motorists frequently "buzz" cyclists, with often dire results--worse, we often see posts and comments erroneously claiming that cyclists have no right to the road, and that it is permissible to engage in this sort of intimidation against them.

Your repeated vetoes of three-foot passing bills have sent a signal to the population that cyclists are expendable and that only drivers matter to you.

Please support--or initiate!--the next safe passing bill to protect the thousands of cyclists who are doing their part to protect our environment and our economy both.
Find out more about safe passing laws in the US at Joe Mizereck's Three Feet Please website.

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