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01/31/2013: "The Straw Hat"
Too bad I didn't have the camera with me this morning as I walked the couple of blocks to the credit union, as I had to pass up the most photogenic bike and rider I've yet seen on the Miracle Mile.

About halfway to my goal (the depositing of a mighty six dollar and ninety-nine cent rebate check), I saw a fellow crossing the street at the next corner on what looked like an old Dutch bike, complete with chaincase, skirtguard, and double top tubes.

Those aren't all that rare here, but to complete the picture, the handsome young gentleman pedaling it was wearing a slacks, blazer, elegant loafers, and a straw hat. Not a Huckleberry Finn straw hat, but a dressy one. And he was talking on a cell phone as he blithely rolled across one of the busiest streets in LA and onto a crowded sidewalk.

Mind you, his pace was deliberate in the extreme.

He pulled into the courtyard of the building where I too was headed and stopped to concentrate on his phone call. When I passed I heard him discussing some sort of business deal. I took a glance at the bike, which was a modern bike built in the traditional Dutch style, but couldn't discern the brand name.

When I had finished with my business and come out, he was still deep in his phone conference.

Quite possibly he works there. The building is full of creative offices, though some, such as the Los Angeles Business Journal, are conservative creative offices. The building hosts a large bike corral out front and (so the signs indicate) more secure bike parking in one of the garages.

I see more and more folks of every sort cycling in the neighborhood lately. It's most gratifying!

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