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12/02/2012: "Most Novel Method of Blocking a Bike Lane?"
Rode out to Santa Monica and Playa del Rey this cool grey December morning, and on my way through the Boho Zone of Venice Beach, I saw one of the most thoughtless blockages of a bike lane that I've ever encountered:

Main Street bike lane in Venice CA--blocked by a catamaran!

I was just stunned. The catamaran's matte-black bench seat—also covered with black canvas—takes up over half the bike lane and is hard to see even in daylight; it could be truly dangerous at night. What kind of mind does it take to park something like this blocking an extremely popular bike route? An idiot's, or a murderer's?

To add insult to possible injury, the bench on the sidewalk side of the boat had been removed and tucked away next to the starboard hull. It wasn't sticking out at all.

I tried calling Parking Enforcement, but they never answered...however, while the phone rang and rang I spotted a couple of cops driving towards me on Main, flagged them down, and showed them the problem. They promised to call it in to Parking Enforcement for me, and as I left I saw them making a U-turn to get next to the boat.

Hope it was gone by nightfall.

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