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10/16/2012: "Summer Heat, Autumn Plans...."
Just so you'll know: we are beginning production runs of men's and women's full-length riding pants for our friends at Clever Cycles in Portland, Oregon. this is for their "Stealth Pantaloon" series, cycling trousers that are great for pedaling yet look perfect for office, dinner, visiting, what have you when you're off the bike. So that you can easily ride anywhere!

We're filling in sold-out sizes in the men's version, but the women's cut is new—Clever Cycles estimates that over half its customers are women, which says a lot of good things about cycling in Portland.

These are the style that Clever Cycles' Todd Fahrner wore on his 2010 pedal from Portland to San Francisco by Brompton.

So keep your eye on this blog, or Clever Cycles' own website, for the announcement in a few weeks.

* * * * *

Closer to home—much closer—I am happy to report that I had to take my bike into the factory with me when I visited this afternoon—because all the numerous bike racks on Los Angeles Street downtown were occupied!

In fact, everywhere I rode I saw plenty of bikes, on the move in the streets or locked to racks, meters, poles, trees, whatever. In spite of intense heat, upwards of ninety yet again....

LA's getting there....

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