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09/12/2012: "New Knickers, Late but Worth Waiting For!"
Our latest batch of Classic Wool Knickers is here at last, after a bit more delay than usual at our downtown factory, but they were definitely worth the wait.

We have reprised our original and much-beloved charcoal with a burgundy gusset, but in a finer, stronger wool than we use way back then. It was a real find, as charcoal gabardine is hard to find these days.

And, as a number of buyers were asking for a slightly more conservative look, we have made a run of True Black gabardine knickers with a black satin gusset, subtle and elegant.

White I feel that the onscreen images don't really do them justice, they still give you the idea: style, fit, drape, and comfort on or off the bike. As we like to say, Look Good, Feel Good, Ride Happy!

But don't just take our word for it: read our testimonials from happy purchasers. Then go the our shopping cart and see the knickers themselves.

Of course, you shouldn't forget that we provide classy and comfy hats, socks, and the world's finest merino t-shirt, among other things; browse around and get yourself set up for sweet riding this fall--and every other season of the year, no matter where you are!

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