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09/04/2012: "Better Late than Never"
I love my downtown factory; the people are sweet, the quality of their work is stunning, they treat their employees and contractors really well, and they always answer the phone—even when they know it's me calling.

Bu they always run late, and the upcoming product run will not be the exception that proves the rule.

Yes, the new batch of Classic Wool Knickers that I expected would be on our shelves today and on the website tomorrow, will not, I am sorry to say, be available before the weekend. We might even have to wait till Tuesday, though hope not, as we're very low on stock.

Still, they are worth waiting for: a beautiful, dark, rich charcoal gabardine, one of the nicest cloths we've used for a normal product run (as opposed to our occasional "luxury editions"), with our signature burgundy satin gusset; and a True Black with black gusset for those who like a more low-key look.

So keep an eye on this blog or our Twitter feed; we'll let you know when they''re up for sale. (We mostly post links to bicycling news stories there, but indulge in an occasional bit of self-promotion as well.)

Meanwhile, we've got a few left of the last run, plus of course hats, socks, and our wonderful and extremely flattering merino wool v-neck t-shirts, all right here.

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