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08/27/2012: "Lazy Days, Dammit!"
The recovery from my small stroke on the first of this month (see "A Stroke of Bad Luck" on this blog if this is a surprise to you) involves a lot of rest—something oddly difficult for me as a rather driven soul to accommodate myself to! Especially as my bicycling right now is rationed to a paltry twelve miles a week (soon to double, woo-hoo!) It might be somewhat restricted even farther down the recovery timeline but I really haven't gotten a clear opinion from the docs on that.

Indeed, the plurality of physicians has, at least for the moment, increased rather than eased confusion. I am reminded of Mark Twain's dictum that "A man with one watch always knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never sure."

Be that as it may, I am filling in the time with walks (which I have always loved anyway) and trips on LA's growing Metro system, especially its trains. (I have always loved being on trains as well.)

Still writing for my colleagues' blogs, as regular readers here know, ands till working on the most most comfortable and fine-looking bicycle clothing around, with in fact a new batch of knickers scheduled to be done this week.

And still involved in advocacy. Tomorrow night there's a meeting of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition's Civic Engagement Committee just a few blocks from my house, and I plan to be there. (If you're in Los Angeles and you want to join us, Email Ted Rogers of Biking in LA; all are welcome!)

So I'm getting through the days, seem to be getting better, and still getting a little bit of work done. And even riding a bit!

Just letting you know....

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