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08/14/2012: "Wool and Warm Weather"
One of the misconceptions that most bedevils as a business owner as well as a bicycle advocate is the widespread feeling that wool is for cool or cold weather only. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth! For insulation works both ways—the traditional Bedouin robes are made of wool— and wool breathes better than almost any other fabric. I myself haven't found another, natural or synthetic, more comfortable in the often-blazing temperatures of Los Angeles, where I developed the Bicycle Fixation clothing line.

You stay drier in the heat in wool—and you stay drier in the wet as well, should you get caught in a rain in any season; a few blocks of pedaling is usually enough to dry out your knickers or v-neck t-shirt. You stay warmer in the cold, of course; but you also stay cooler in hot weather up to around 95°F, when it may finally be time for shorts and sunblock rather than much in the way of clothing at all. Though I personally have worn a merino t-shirt while riding through a summer day that topped out at 116°F!

The plain fact of the matter is, with the carefully-chosen weights, drapes, and cuts of our wool knickers, jerseys (out of stock at the moment), and t-shirts, you have a kit for all seasons, wich you can wear summer and winter and everything in between with a bit of judicious layering.

And be the most elegant cyclist for miles around...till your friends pick up some Bicycle Fixation gear themselves!

Read what prior purchasers have said about our Classic Wool Knickers on our Testimonials Page—our stock of them is low right now, but a fresh batch in two color variations is due from our downtown factory in a couple of weeks.

And check out one of the best looking t-shirts in any material, let alone fine merino wool personally imported from the mill in New Zealand, the merino v-neck t-shirt, which early adopters are already praising. (Including the younger model, who claimed one in lieu of pay.) Thanks to our carefully-designed cut, they fit almost any shape, no matter which way you taper!

Hot weather or cold, you'll Look Good, Feel Good, and Ride Happy! And ride more often, to more places...we assure you.

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