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07/21/2012: "To Live and Ride in LA"
Just a little reminder that you might want to take a look at our Flickr set, To Live and Ride in LA, our ever-growing collection of photos of Los Angeles area bicycles, cyclists, infrastructure, and just plain things seen from the saddle as I pedal my way around the region, mile after happy mile, day after joyous day.

And if you have a great deal more time on your hands, take a look at our collection of Flickr sets, with hundreds of shots of infrastructure in different cities, the various bikes we've assembled and ridden over the last few years, friends' bikes, ride shots, and pictures of all the CicLAvias so far.

Bicycle Fixation's Flickr Set

Publishers please note that we have high-resolution print-worthy versions of most of these images (especially more recent ones) available for publication upon purchase of one-time rights; please contact us through our comments form if you're interested. Our photos (and articles) have been published in a number of journals, including Cycling Mobility and Momentum Magazine.

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