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07/02/2012: "Bicycle Fixation Reviews the Brompton"
Bicycle Fixation reviews the famous Brompton folding bicycle.

We borrowed a couple of Bromptons to take with us on a train trip to Denver and San Francisco, giving us an excellent opportunity to test the quirky little British folder as a travel bike, as a multi-modal commuter in transit in two cities, and as just a plain bicycle bot him city traffic and out on long cycle tracks.

The bikes did wonderfully, and made our trip much easier and more pleasurable that it would have been otherwise. We rode to shopping and dining, we rode for pleasure, we rode to meetings, we loaded the bikes on trains, trams, buses, and in cars, and stuffed them under tables and into closets, and...well, here: read the full story now on Bicycle Fixation: Know When to Fold 'Em: the Brompton.

Cheers, mate!

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